Pedagogy — a science that studies the forms and methods of education, training and teaching

The word «pedagogy» is derived from two Greek words («payda» and «gogos»), which literally means «child-bearer». It is the science of education.

The object of pedagogy as a science is the pedagogical process and the person at its center. Its theme is to reveal the regularities of the pedagogical process, to address the issues of formation and upbringing of a person as a person. The subject of pedagogy is not limited to the upbringing of children; he studies human education in general.

As in any science, pedagogy has its own system of concepts. This includes the pedagogical process, education, self-education, re-education, education, training, personality development, etc. definitions include.

The pedagogical process is a combination of upbringing, education, training and personal development. These components of the pedagogical process do not act separately, but in a connected way — as a single process that serves the same purpose.

Education is a process and result of purposeful formation and development of human personality. It is used in two senses — broad and narrow. In a broad (social) sense, upbringing is understood as the process of passing on social experience (knowledge and skills, ideas and views acquired by the older generation) to the younger generation. In this case, upbringing combines all the organized and purposeful effects on a person, including the effects of social life, upbringing, education and training. In the narrow (pedagogical) sense, upbringing is understood as a process of formation and development of personality through the organized and purposeful influence of educators (as well as training and education).

Self-education is a process of purposeful and planned work on oneself and improvement of one’s personality.

Re-education is the process of overcoming negative attitudes, qualities and inculcating positive qualities that are rooted in a person’s consciousness, character and behavior. Education is the process of acquiring a system of knowledge, skills and habits, the formation of his worldview on this basis, the process of upbringing and development, as well as its results. Education can be achieved in different ways — through training and self-education (as well as through their integration). The main means of education is training.

Training is the process of learning under the guidance of a teacher. It is based on the purposeful interaction of teachers and students. Personality development is the process of forming a person as a person under the influence of various factors (natural and social, external and internal factors).

The considered concepts of pedagogy are interconnected and complementary. Together, they form a single and holistic pedagogical process, contribute to the harmonious development of personality.

As in other sciences, pedagogy has developed as a result of scientific research and is enriched with new provisions. Pedagogical research is a systematic search to improve the educational process, to identify certain legitimate connections.