Social work

Social work — Social work is a sphere that mediates the interests and social welfare of problem groups in society. Social workers are engaged in the social work profession. For the first time in the world, the «Social Work» program appeared in Amsterdam, and later in Berlin and London. In Azerbaijan, the teaching of social work began in 2005 with a master’s degree at Baku State University.

Social workers are closely involved in the development of legislation and state programs aimed at ensuring the interests and rights of vulnerable groups. The initial concept of social work and the object of intervention is the applicant (client, beneficiary). Social workers work with applicants. (difficult living conditions) is a person who is unable to find a solution, and at some stage he turns to a social worker for help. The social worker, in turn, assesses the applicant’s problem and seeks alternative solutions based on the applicant’s approach to the problem. The social worker directs the applicant to social, psychological or legal services. It is from this point of view that it is emphasized that the field of social work makes the relationship between people and public services accessible. as an observer, leaves the decision to the applicant.

The following are a number of areas of activity for social workers:

-Family counselor


-Social researcher

-Mental health specialist

-Social worker-gerontologist (Social workers working with the elderly)

-Social workers working with people with disabilities and people with special needs

-Social workers working with risk groups-This includes people suffering from mental illness, people addicted to harmful substances, victims of human trafficking, etc. includes groups such as.

-Social workers who intervene in extreme situations-ensure the well-being of victims of natural disasters, military-political conflicts and incidents.

-Social workers working in the field of child protection

-Social workers who ensure the welfare of victims of violence, etc.

Social workers ensure the well-being of people by carrying out the process of social intervention at the «micro» (individuals), «meso» (groups) and «macro» (communities) levels of society. It acts as a complex that prevents the disruption of life. Social workers must act in accordance with the existing acts and laws of the state.